Gary Honish freed at sentencing

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For the past four years, defendant Gary Honish has had no reason to smile, until now.

That's because today is the best day of life. He's about to be a free man.

At Honish's sentencing, Hillsborough Assistant State Prosecutor John Terry explained it to the judge.

"He has cooperated with the state and it's the state's position at this time that he has done his time and we are willing to agree to time served," said Terry.

Honish pleaded guilty to accessory after the fact in a home invasion robbery that ended in the murders of two women in Citrus Park back in 2013.

The killer and partner in crime was Jason Burnett.

He was convicted of the murders last week.

During his trial, prosecutors played a jailhouse call where he blamed the whole thing on Gary Honish.

"I was actually headed home and Gary goes, 'Let's go by Ferns' because he wanted a pill. That's what started all this," said Burnett.

Prosecutors say the two were after drugs, pills, and money.

Burnett also pointed the finger at one of the victims who he says didn't like him and tried to attack him so he had to defend himself.

"She runs and gets two big [expletive] knives from the kitchen and comes at me with them. That's when I pulled the gun," said Burnett.

Burnett shot the three women inside the home. Two died and the third survived.

Prosecutors say Honish was the getaway driver that day and has since served 1,645 days in jail.

But that ended today.

Hillsborough Judge Tom Barber wrapped up the sentencing.

"Sounds like justice was served here and case is concluded," said Barber.