Gas prices continue to drop

Marla Stone and Gary Avila drive the truck for their tree removal company 200 miles a day.

It shows, in their bottom line.

"A ten cent difference in gas from one day to the next can completely blow our budget," said Stone.

But $2.25 gas is having the opposite effect, saving them $50 a day and the average family $700 dollars a per year.

"It affects everything that we do," said Stone. analyst Greg Laskoski says these are indeed good times at the pump, and getting better.

"In Tampa, we are blessed by having the lowest-priced gasoline of all the major cities across the state."

He says there are three reasons our gas - at $2.30 a gallon - is down .06 cents this week, .25 cents this month and .92 cents this year. 

-Fracking in North America has increased supply
-A slowdown in the Chinese economy has lowered worldwide demand
-Greece's budget crisis has created uncertainty in Europe, which strengthens the American dollar

If oil starts flowing from Iran because of the nuclear deal, gas could hit a magic number.

"I would not be surprised at all if we see Tampa prices at  $2 (per gallon) or less by mid-October."

Laskoski is not overly concerned by this week's Midwest refinery shutdown, because so much of our gas comes from the gulf coast. 

He is also confident that the cheaper winter blends that gas companies ship in the fall will further lower prices. 

"It is a domino effect," said Avila. "We are able to give better prices. To homeowners saving money, it gives them money to do other things."

The national average is at $2.67, but that is still down .77 cents since last year.