Gator attacks, kills family's dog in Auburndale

An Auburndale resident said an alligator attacked and killed her dog at a Polk County park.

Cynthia Robinson told FOX 13 she brings her 6-year-old pit bull, named Tank, to the pond near Lake Mariana every day.

But Thursday morning, as Tank was coming out of the water, Robinson said a large alligator clamped down on her dog from behind.

“My dog didn’t even know what happened, he had that look and yelped like “Help me, mom,’” she said. “I couldn’t do nothing." 

Robinson said the gator appeared to be 13 to 14 feet long.

“He made my dog look like a Chihuahua and my dog is over 100 pounds,” she said. 

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Across the pond, FOX 13 spotted what maybe the very same gator slowly moving along the surface.

Robinson said she worries something like this could happen again.

”There's always someone out here there fishing or they're playing, it’s a pretty place,” she said. 

Officials closed the park Thursday afternoon so trappers with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission could come in to remove the alligator.

“I only wanted my dog to have fun and he loves this right here,” Robinson said, fighting back tears. 

The agency has a statewide nuisance alligator hotline to address complaints about gators believed to post a threat to people, pets or property. People with concerns about an alligator are asked to call the hotline at 866-FWC-GATOR (866-392-4286).