Governor DeSantis addresses bar closures: 'Would rather have those places open'

Governor Ron DeSantis joined a panel of medical experts at the Ascension Sacred Heart Hospital Sunday, two days after the state decided to shut down bars, or any business that makes more than half of its revenue on alcohol sales.

"My view is I'd rather have those places open, complying, because I think that's less risky than what a lot of the young people end up doing," said Governor DeSantis.  "They're still going to do things most likely and you may end up doing things that are in ways even more risky."

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He says bars across the state have struggled to maintain social distancing and reduced capacity indoors.

"We've seen outbreaks tied to establishments like that, it has invariably been because they packed so many people in and created a type of environment that we're trying to avoid," said Governor DeSantis.

Data shows positive COVID-19 cases soaring in younger people aged 25 to 34, and DeSantis says he is concerned about that population bringing the virus home with them and impacted people who are at higher risk.

"For a lot of the younger people, they may be at lower risk, but particularly if they live in multi-generational housing, that's a risk that could be brought home to folks who may not be so lucky," DeSantis added.

State leaders say they are going to re-evaluate Florida's ban on alcohol sales in bars every day.