Governor DeSantis encourages those with COVID-19 antibodies to donate plasma 

Approximately 1,000 COVID-19 antibody tests are conducted across Florida each day, and 20 percent of those tests have positive results, Governor Ron DeSantis said while holding a round-table discussion in Tallahassee Thursday.

DeSantis emphasized the importance for anyone with antibodies to donate blood because convalescent plasma has shown to be one of the few effective treatments for COVID-19.

“I was so sick that I knew and had pretty much prepared in my mind that, you know, that was the way I was going to go, not being with my family, not being able to see any of them,” said Gail Murray, a COVID-19 survivor who received convalescent plasma treatment. “I have felt so good, I mean, in just a few days I went from thinking I was going to die, then literally feeling why am I in here, I’m ready to go home now.” 

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“All those folks who do have the antibodies have an opportunity to help those who are still suffering from the disease, and you can do that by donating your blood,” Governor DeSantis said.

A doctor at the round-table discussion said it is important to give a patient plasma who isn't showing signs of improvement. Plasma could prevent a patient from having to go into intensive care.

If you feel sick:

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