Governor joins outrage over shark-dragging video

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As outrage continues over video of some men dragging a shark behind their boat, the governor is sharing the anger.

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Gov. Rick Scott's office issued a letter on Friday evening, saying the viral video was, "incredibly disturbing."

In addition to the video that spurred the anger, the FWC confirmed its investigators have received a video of men pouring beer on a shark's gills.

Shark hunter Mark Quartino posted the original video after being sent by someone seeking his approval. They didn't get it.

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"I have never even seen anything close to that kind of disrespect to an animal," the south Florida shark hunter said.

The governor said, "It shows brutality and disrespect to the animal."

He applauded FWC for "swiftly investigating."

He also said, "FWC should review fishing regulations to make sure such inhumane acts are strictly prohibited."

"I just couldn't believe it because I go, 'Look at this, somebody is actually sending me maybe an illegal video of a shark being tortured,'" said Quartino.

The outrage online has been extensive, with others posting pictures of the same man apparently engaged in the further foul treatment of wildlife. While not specifying, FWC says it is reviewing numerous images.

One petition has 18,000 signatures urging those involved to be arrested and forced to do community service with FWC to learn to treat animals with respect.

"Hopefully these guys won't do this again, and maybe they will be prosecuted," said Quartino.

FWC says it is too early to determine if any rules were violated, but the video shows a disheartening lack of respect and is not representative of conservation minded anglers around the world.

We have contacted the lawyer for the men involved in the first video, but have not immediately heard back.

Our sister station in south Florida is reporting one of the men issued a brief apology, saying it was a lapse in judgment and will not happen again.