Gowns for Girls provides free prom dresses for students facing financial hardship

It’s prom season and teenage girls are searching for the perfect dress, which can be a pretty penny, especially if money is tight.

Gowns for Girls is a grass-roots organization that provides free dresses to high school girls going to prom or homecoming. 

"I think it is very noble what they're doing to help girls like me,” said student Melanie Wysocki.

Stephanie Brown, a middle school teacher, started the project after one of her students was having a problem buying a dress for a school dance. She said, "That's when I realized if I got a student who can't afford a dress for a simple middle school dance, what's happening to some of these seniors, who can't afford prom?"    

Students think it's a great idea.

"It gives every girl an opportunity to have the perfect prom," said Melany Ramos. "Their dream prom of getting the perfect dress." 

“Some people can’t afford to go out and get the dresses and it really does help and I am thankful for it,” explained senior Niesta Gateka.

Brown has collected more than 500 dresses, which are available to any girl experiencing financial hardship.

Learn more by emailing GownsforGirls.info@gmail.com.