Grady Judd: ‘Violent offender’ hiding from deputies falls through ceiling, gets bit by K-9

A K-9 with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office took a bite out of crime when it sunk its teeth into a suspect trying to hide from law enforcement officers.   

Sheriff Grady Judd said his agency recently got a call from the Auburndale Police Department requesting a K-9 to help capture a ‘violent offender’ who bolted from officers.

According to Judd, 38-year-old Calvin Cooley, who he says has been arrested just about every year for the past 18 years, tried to get away from police on a bicycle. 

"That’s right" Judd shared. "He is fleeing from a patrol car on a bicycle. Well, you know, that doesn’t work."

Cooley eventually threw down his backpack, got off his bike, and ran into a house.

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Law enforcement officers surrounded the home, which Judd said was about 800 square feet. 

"It’s not hard to say, ‘Come out. Come out, wherever you are.’ But, the dude doesn’t come out," Judd explained. 

The sheriff went on to say that most of the windows in the home were gone, so Cooley could have easily climbed out, but he didn’t. 

When a law enforcement officer went inside the home, Cooley climbed into the ceiling. 

That hiding place was short-lived because Judd said Cooley fell through the ceiling. 

Courtesy: Polk County Sheriff's Office

Courtesy: Polk County Sheriff's Office

After his tumble, Judd said Cooley bit a deputy on the finger and resisted arrest. 

He wasn’t the only one looking for a nibble. 

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Judd said that a sheriff’s office K-9 bit Cooley, who had been designated as a violent felon.  

Courtesy: Polk County Sheriff's Office

K-9 Rone bit Cooley who had bitten a deputy. Courtesy: Polk County Sheriff's Office. 

"If you see this guy, he is stealing or doping or resisting or robbing or breaking in," Judd stated. "He’s up to something, and it’s not doing a good day’s labor legally. Guarantee it."

Cooley is facing multiple charges stemming from arrests by both the Polk County Sheriff’s Office and the Auburndale Police Department. 

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