Grandmother passes family legacy on to grandson one brushstroke at a time

Childhood memories are etched in the mind of Mary Rose Holmes. 

"My grandmother painted cottages, and the beaches over on the east coast," she explained. "When I was born, she had just died and they decided that I would be the painter." 

Her grandmother was known as an en plein air artist -- and so is she. It means painting while outdoors.

"They gave me lessons private lessons until high school and then I took lessons at Stetson and then went on to get my fine arts degree from Atlanta," Mary Rose Holmes shared.

She is now passing the legacy on to her grandson, Mitchell Holmes. 

"It's been in our family this whole time," said Mitchell Holmes. "I just can't let it go. I got to keep painting and working and getting better." 

"You see a complete picture much more than when you see a photograph." Mary Rose explained. "So, it's very important to paint outside." 

Mary Rose Holmes is part of a trio known as the Plein Aire Cottage Artists. They took on the name after painting historic cottages along Indian Rocks Beach. 

"We've painted almost every cottage that sits on Indian Rocks Beach that sits on the water," she said. 

For Mary Rose Holmes, it's a life well-lived. 

"No regrets, that's what I can tell you," she shared. "No regrets. I love my life." 

Words she hopes her grandson will utter one day.


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