Group gives support to caregivers for Alzheimer's patients

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Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's is a tough task. A Clearwater group is helping to make the job easier.

Maria Pepe shares her stories about her family with her friend, Sarah Varga.

Maria struggles to find balance at home because she takes care of her mother, Virginia Martinez, who has Alzheimer's.

"They are very aware that there is a problem. They cannot come up with the right words," said Maria. "They have lost a lot of independence."

Maria started a support group to help families make it through the struggles Alzheimer's causes.

She calls the grass-roots effort Caregivers to Caregivers.

"The first stages are very confusing. They're really hard for everyone on both sides; the caregiver and the care receiver," Maria said.

Maria's mom is 68 and was the first woman to graduate from Venezuela College as an Electrical Engineer.

"We always took pride in how much of a trailblazer mom was," Maria explained.

Maria says her mom left a legacy for the family to be proud of.

"They are still the people who accomplished a lot of things who loved us. Who did their best for their loved ones, for themselves and its just unfortunate that they are going through this," she said.

Maria is getting loving support while she is going through this emotional journey with her mother. The group meets once a week. 

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