Gulfport print shop embraces classic processes and tools

Print St. Pete is a community print shop in Gulfport.  They focus mainly on letterpress printing, a form of relief printmaking where ink is raised on a surface and pressed into paper using a printing press.

"It’s essentially the same process that Gutenburg was using in the 15th Century," explained co-founder Kaitlin Crockett.

Print St. Pete offers one-on-one workshops, studio rental, and custom printing.

"We love to work with local businesses, artists and illustrators," continued Kaitlin.  

She also offers Risograph printing, a combination between screen printing and a Xerox copy machine. The process originated in Japan.

"Each color is printed individually and then layered on top of each other."

Print St. Pete uses letterpress equipment dating back to the late 1890’s.

"I think it is like stepping back in time," Kaitlin added. "I have the same passion and excitement that I had when I first discovered this because I’m always learning."

Print St. Pete is located in Gulfport. Hours are by appointment only.