HCSO turns annual pumpkin patch into drive-thru Halloween celebration 

2020 has been filled with enough spooks and scares. So much so, even the kids have started to notice. However, sometimes all it takes are some pumpkins and a few bags of candy to make all those worries disappear. 

“I got ice cream. I got cheddar popcorn. And I got Cheez-It, my favorite!” said Matthew, one of the kids who stopped by Sheriff Chronister’s Halloween bash and pumpkin patch on Saturday morning. 

Just like everything else, HCSO had to make a few changes so they could welcome the community back to their annual pumpkin patch and Halloween bash. This year, to make sure the fun was still possible, they turned their pumpkin patch into a drive-thru. 

“This is always a great opportunity for us to engage with the community, especially our children. For some of them, they might not have had a Halloween if we didn’t step forward and provide a pumpkin. It’s going to be a little different this year, it’s the first time we’ve ever done a drive-through pumpkin patch. But we always look forward to seeing a smile on the children’s faces,” said Sheriff Chronister. 

Bags full of candy and pumpkins of all sizes were hand-delivered by deputies to families, giving kids a taste of Halloween without them even leaving their car. 

“They gave me two great big pumpkins, and goodies and popcorn!” exclaimed Neil, an 11-year-old who stopped by. 

Even in the year of COVID-19, the sugar-filled smiles proved it’s still possible to have a fun and spooky celebration. 


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