HeavenDropt recycles military parachutes to make a better world for employees

HeavenDropt is a Largo-based company that makes unique products out of recycled military parachutes. 

The company is a social enterprise of Evergreen Life Services, a non-profit organization that finds employment for people with developmental disabilities and Veterans with disabilities.   

"We take that classic, historical military parachute and turn it into a product that gets used every day," says Robby Groover, HeavenDropt’s national director of sales and business development. 

A few of the products include necklaces, bracelets, hammocks, backpacks, keychains and tote bags. 

"It tells a story of the person that served in combat and jumped. It helps to pass that story on to future generations and really give an ohmage to the paratrooper," said Groover.  

To donate or shop their products, visit https://heavendropt.org/.