‘He’s not afraid of the law’: Deputies say Polk County man keeps stealing cars from dealership 

He is not a superstar like his namesake, but a local Michael Jackson is getting his own notoriety.

“The dude is busy,” Polk Sheriff Grady Judd told FOX 13. “He is faster than a moonwalking Michael Jackson when it comes to stealing cars.”

Detectives say in the last month, Polk County’s Michael Jackson has stolen four cars off the lot of Joseph Motors on South Combee Road.

Detectives say Jackson is also wanted in connection with several car thefts in Winter Haven.

“He is not afraid of the law,” said Philip Joseph, one of the owners of Joseph Motors. “He is not afraid of anybody.”

Courtesy: Polk County Sheriff's Office

Last month, investigators say Jackson stole a Lexus from Joseph Motors.

“I guess the salesman did not realize that he had rode up on a bicycle,” said Lindsey Joseph, a manager at the business.

When the salesman went in to check a price, he left the keys in the ignition. When the salesman returned, Jackson and the car were gone.

Jackson was arrested. After he bailed out of jail, he went back to the lot, broke into the office, and grabbed a handful of keys and went to work.

Courtesy: Polk County Sheriff's Office

Surveillance video shows a man, who detectives say is Jackson, stealing a Camaro. A few hours later, the video shows a Chevy truck being ripped off.

To protect the remaining vehicles, Joseph Motors blocked the entrance and exit to the lot with vehicles. It didn’t stop Jackson from at least trying. When Jackson tried to steal a Nissan Altima, and scoot around a barricade, the car ended up in a ditch.

“When he is not locked up, he is stealing cars. If you see this guy anyplace, please let us know,” said Judd. “We can’t tell you which stolen car he is in today, but if he is not in jail, he is in a stolen car.”