High school sports can practice starting Monday

After weeks of uncertainty, Monday is sure to bring somewhat of a sense of normalcy. 

“It’s going to be good to hear a whistle. Good to see helmets. Good to see footballs being thrown and in the air," East Bay High School head football coach Frank LaRosa said. 

Monday is a day LaRosa and his 80 some players have been looking forward to for weeks. Monday means all fall high school sports in Florida can begin practice if districts choose to. 

“We’re not very optimistic that we will be able to keep going forward, but we seem to be able to keep going forward during the summer which was great. Then it kind of got a little scary and bleak trying to get a season going but we got approved. It’s just good to finally know we’re going to be on the field tomorrow," LaRosa said. 

In order to practice, LaRosa and his team will be following strict CDC guidelines, which means social distancing will be in place on the practice field and in the locker rooms.

Also, in order to get on the field, each player had to undergo a special screening, including a questionnaire asking if they’re experiencing any possible COVID-19 symptoms. LaRosa says he’s ready to play but knows it will be different. 

“Loving on my players. Mess with my players. Put my arm around them. Pat them on the back. For me to lose those intimate moments, where we are really connecting with our kids. That’s going to be hard," LaRosa said. 

Along with football, golf, girls volleyball, bowling, cross country, and swimming and diving will also be able to begin practice Monday. The first games could be played as early as September 4th.