Hillsborough deputies cracking down on traffic violators in three key spots

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Hillsborough County deputies plan to crack down on three busy roads after nearly two dozen people were killed, but they’re not just targeting motorists. Officials said pedestrians and bicyclists are breaking traffic rules too, creating a dangerous situation, such as darting across busy roadways.

The three trouble zones that deputies plan to focus on over the next few months include:

- Hillsborough Avenue between Himes Avenue and George Road

- Fowler Avenue between Nebraska Avenue and Bruce B. Downs Boulevard

- Busch Boulevard between Dale Mabry Highway and Nebraska Avenue. 

Officials said in the past five years alone, there have been 23 fatalities in those areas.

Starting Wednesday morning, deputies – in conjunction with the Florida Department of Transportation and University of South Florida – will stop anyone violating the traffic laws: cars, pedestrians and bicyclists alike. 

“The three corridors that we’re targeting right now are Hillsborough Avenue, Busch Boulevard and Fowler Avenue,” explained Kris Carson with FDOT. “If you drive any of those corridors, you will see that pedestrians, unfortunately, take risks. They will not use the crosswalk, they will run across the road, and these are large corridors – six lanes or more.”