Historic Lakeland home free to anyone who will move it

Not much in life is free, but a home in Lakeland is being given away - only if you can move it.

The 1920s bungalow belongs to the South Florida Avenue Church of Christ. It has been used as a parsonage since the 1950s, but the current pulpit minister decided to buy his own home, and church officials believe it's time to get rid of the building.

A sign reading "FREE" in big, red letters was put up in front of the home Thursday.

By Tuesday night, church officials said they have received many calls from people interested in claiming the offer.

Because the house is located in the Beacon Hill Historic District, the home must be offered to the public at no cost. The catch, however, is whoever wants the home has to be willing to have it relocated.

The fine print has turned many people away.

The home is valued at $179,000, according to church officials. The city has given the church 90 days to find the home a new home.

If no one scoops it up, church officials said they hope to auction off parts of the building.