How to keep skin looking young and healthy

What's the secret to younger looking skin? Lotions and creams can help if you know what to look for.

Living in Florida, we know the basics for healthy skin, sunscreen and hydration. But, figuring out the specific products to spend money on might be a challenge.

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Richard Miller is a dermatologist with Bay Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery.

"Probably half my patients want to look younger, the way our society is today," said Miller.

He only recommends things that have been tested and scientifically proven.

"Things I typically recommend the most are Tretinoin, and Reton-A, a generic, or a precursor, they are the single best anti-aging creams we know work," shared the dermatologist.

You'll need a prescription for those. Cheaper, over the counter options are hyaluronic acid and vitamin C serums, followed by using a Retinaldehyde.

Watch out for big promises of an "instant fix".

"If you see a before and after of no wrinkles - these are usually temporary. There are some creams that will tighten skin for a couple hours, but there's no permanent effect - if you're watching infomercials take with a grain of salt," said Miller.

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Also beware of the phrase "dermatologist recommended".

"It's kind of a false leader. If it's recommended by a dermatologist it probably means they were paid to endorse the product, It's not necessarily scientifically based," added Miller. "If it is American Cancer Association or Academy of Dermatology, which our educational arm and our oversight arm. I think those I would believe."

Mixing and matching the best product of every company's line can help you get better results.

"I recommend a vitamin C from one company, a retinol or tretinoin from another company. So I don't think using one line for everything is the answer," Miller explained.

According to the dermatologist, healthy habits are the key ingredient to keeping skin looking younger.