How you can prepare this weekend for Tropical Storm Ian

It's time to make sure you are prepared for a big storm as all eyes remain on the tropics heading into the weekend. 

There are a lot of people from out-of-state who have moved to Florida in the last few years, so preparing for a tropical storm or hurricane is very new. Emergency managers in Hillsborough County said the first thing to check is where your evacuation zone is. 

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They also said make sure your hurricane supply kit is stocked and ready to go. Hillsborough County Fire Rescue spokesperson Rob Herrin said they encourage residents to have a few days worth of bottled water, non-perishable food, batteries of different sizes, flashlights and two weeks worth of medication.

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He said if you have pets to consider their needs as well with pet food and any medications they may need. 

Most Tampa Bay area counties have a text alert service where a push alert is sent to mobile devices with emergency information specific to the area you live in. You can sign up for alerts and get more information for your county as it becomes available. 

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"They can find out if their address has any flood warnings or if it’s an evacuation zone and if they need to evacuate, that’ll be pushed to their phone, and they’ll be able to do that via text, phone, call or email, and we recommend they set that up for other loved ones or family members who do not have the technical ability to that," Herrin said.