Humane Society of Tampa Bay offering reward to find who tossed a kitten from a moving car

A Tampa Bay pet shelter wants to know who tossed a kitten out of a moving car, they said, and workers are offering a reward for that information.

According to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, the incident occurred Tuesday afternoon on Columbus Drive in Tampa. Good Samaritans saved the male kitten from a busy road. 

"There is no excuse for this. It's a baby," said Sherry Silk, the shelter's CEO. "Not only is it morally wrong, it is against the law. If you have kittens and you don't want them, you can bring them to us or the Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center."

The young animal had a bloody nose and a few abrasions to his paws. Otherwise, he wasn’t seriously injured, Silk explained. 

The kitten has since been named "Columbo," and still has some bent whiskers following the incident.

Tampa police said Wednesday no report has been filed, but the Humane Society is offering a $1,000 reward. The shelter says Hillsborough County Animal Services is investigating. Anyone with information can call the shelter at 813-774-4309.

"Please help us if you know," Silk said, "and we'll find this guy another home."

Columbo is too young to be adopted and is in foster care. The Humane Society of Tampa Bay said they will announce on their social media accounts when he is up for adoption.