‘I hope you rot in prison’: Man convicted of sexual battery, video voyeurism gets 4 decades behind bars

Justin Stueve rolled the dice on a jury trial and lost. He was convicted of sexual battery and dozens of counts of video voyeurism. Now, he is staring at decades in prison. 

The victim is his now ex-wife. FOX 13 is not identifying her or his first ex-wife because of the graphic nature of the crime.

Two years ago, prosecutors say Stueve drugged his wife and took sexually explicit photos of her without her permission. Some images showed derogatory words written on her body with a marker, and household items used in the sexual assault. 

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She discovered the graphic pictures on a thumb drive, was horrified and took it to police. And then she had to re-live it for the jury.

"Things were happening to me that I had no recollection of nor would I ever allow to happen to me," she stated. 

At his sentencing Friday, his now ex-wife asked the judge to lock him up for a long time.

"Mr. Stueve thought it was OK to drug me, sexually batter me, and document his gruesome behavior," she said. 

Stueve's first ex-wife, who prosecutors say was also sexually battered by him but was never charged, urged the judge to give him life a life sentence. But, it was his daughter's wish too. She read her letter to the court.

"I'm so happy that justice has finally been served and that you did not get away with it and with that being said I hope you rot in prison," wrote his oldest daughter.

However, Stueve also had a lot of support from friends, like Jonathan Kilgore.

"He's been nothing but a great friend," shared Kilgore.

Former co-worker Andy Oharrow said Stueve was an outstanding paramedic and an even better friend.

"I would trust that man with my family right now," commented Oharrow.

Stueve chose not to speak and the final word belonged to Tampa judge Mark Kiser.

"Mr. Stueve, your actions were reprehensible and disturbing I feel that the appropriate sentence is the lengthy-term that’s almost 45 years," ruled Kiser.

Stueve took one final look at his family sitting in the gallery, mouthed ‘goodbye’ and was escorted out of the courtroom.

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