Instagram helps entrepreneur connect with customers

Adi Arezzini reaches her customers by addressing them directly on Instagram.

"I just look at the fact that we're making a community of people that want to learn how to improve their inner wellness and their outer beauty using natural products," the 29-year-old said.
Her company, Teami Blends, is a line of health and skin care products inspired by the benefits of tea.

"There's different teas that have different benefits, antioxidants, repairing qualities in your skincare products," she continued.

She found her passion for wellness while serving in the army in her native Israel as a fitness instructor.

"My digestive system kind of stopped working mainly due to the food I was eating. When I came out of the military, I read books about natural teas and plants that can help my body reset and that's what brought me to the world of tea,” Arezzini explained.

She started Teami Blends while living at home with her mother. She turned to social media for marketing. 

"I had no idea what grocery stores were even looking for. And on the other side of it, I didn't have any experience running a business. So I looked at what was available to me and at the time, I decided that I was going to present my products using Instagram. And Instagram then was not what it is today," she said.

Arezzini said it's helped her connect with her customers. 

"Our customer, she's the regular girl. She's not a fitness instructor, she’s not vegan, that’s not our audience. Our audience is the regular woman who grew up not knowing much about nutrition, and now if she wants to feel better, if she wants to improve her wellness and she doesn't know what is the first step to take," said Arezzini.

National retailers and celebrities have taken notice. Some stars are promoting them on social media. 

"We send the products to them. They try them, if they love them, they will promote them.”

Now with a million Instagram followers, the business and product line is expanding based on what customers want. 

"We need to listen to them, we need to ask them what they are looking for, what are their problems and what are they looking for us to solve. We're going to just continue growing and continue adding high quality products that people need and love,” Arezzini added.

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