Investigators try to determine cause of Sebring gyroplane crash

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Federal investigators were in Sebring Wednesday trying to figure out why a gyroplane with two people on board crashed into a mobile home park shortly after taking off Tuesday.

Brian Rayner of the National Transportation Safety Board says much of the evidence burned up in the fire that broke out after the crash.

NTSB employees removed the plane’s engine and sent it off to experts, hoping it would hold at least part of the answer.

Chris Lord, the pilot, and Dr. Chris Brugger, his passenger, were both killed in the crash.

Lord’s friend and the manager of the Sebring Airport, Zach Easton said Lord was one of the nicest guys you would ever meet.

“There wasn’t anybody he wouldn’t help out,” Easton told FOX 13.

Easton says Brugger had just dropped off his gyrocopter at he airport for an annual once-over and needed a ride back to Manatee County. Lord volunteered to give him a lift.

“I think my wife put it best: Love your family. Hug your family,” Easton said. “You don’t know when your [last] breath is.”