'It really reduces stress': Non-profit uses miniature horse to give back to others

A Tampa Bay based non-profit decided to use their miniature horse Honey to give back to others. 

Honey's owner Mary Rose Gullet started "Honey's Mini Therapy Adventures" back in 2020. They visit local schools, nursing homes, and hospitals like Tampa General. 

"It really reduces stress," said Gullet. "Anxiety brings a sense of happiness. I mean, most of the responses that we see, you know, just we've absolutely made someone's day by bringing her in."

Just ask the Hill family, whose son William is a patient at TGH. 

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"I think it's wonderful. I think it's a great thing," said Connie Hill, William's mother.  "To have something completely distracting from everything else that is going on medically, and it's a nice little surprise to have." 

Kelly Shelor, a nurse manager at TGH said Honey gives patients a moment to take a break. 

"It makes their day. It gives a moment that they can take a break, Have a smile and set the tone for the rest of the afternoon," Shelor. 

It's an adventure that touches the hearts of patients and staff in the Bay Area community. 

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"It makes my heart so happy. It it really it's given me a sense of I feel like I was put on earth to help people with horses," Gullet said. "I feel like it's my life's work, my life's passion. It it's given me a purpose outside of just being a mom or a wife or even just like a student. So it it's just the coolest thing ever." 

Gullet said she could always use help. For more information, visit www.minitherapy.org.