Temple Terrace Library program helps jump start children's education

Libraries can start a child's love for learning at an early age, and local library's program is helping jump start children's education.

The program is an invitation for toddlers and their families to bond and learn at the Temple Terrace Library.  

"I want to make the library a fun place. So they'll come, and they'll come back and return to learn and read and discover," Susan Defant, a librarian for the Temple Terrace Library, said.

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The families come once a week to storytime for stories, songs and dances. It provides early literacy and socialization skills. 

"I think, it's one of the most enriching programs that I can offer for the children," said Defant. "It allows them not only audio discrimination and pre-reading skill development, but it also hopefully instills a love of learning and helps with literacy promotion." 

Defant has been the children's librarian for eight years at Temple Terrace Library. She's a former elementary school teacher, and she said it's critical that children get exposed to the joy of learning at an early age. 

"I hope that they'll be lifelong learners," She said. "I hope they'll pursue their education and learn to value education. And reading along the way will certainly help them do that." 

Their parents hope for the same thing. 

"It's great," said Morgen Hedstrom, a parent attending the program. "It's a great place for the community to come together and meet each other and moms and kids to mingle." 

And for Defant, it's a chance to do what she loves. 

"I get a lot back, because I just enjoy the families and the children so much. It's really not even a job for me. It's I feel like I'm playing every day," she said. 

Offering youngsters a chance to open up their minds not just to learn, but to enjoy. The program is just one of many that libraries across the Bay Area offer. Contact the one in your area to find out more.