Jewelry store offers $300 reward for TECO lineman's lost wedding band

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While trying to restore something power to the hundreds of thousands left in the dark by Hurricane Irma, a TECO lineman lost something very valuable to him while working to restore power.

His wedding ring went missing while he was working this week in Tampa.

Now, the Osceola County resident is pleading with the public to help him find it.

A WaWa on North 30th Street in Tampa is the last place Shawn Berry says he remembers wearing his ring.

On Sunday, Berry says he took off his ring at the WaWa gas station to slather on sunscreen - preparing for a long, hot day of work.

He sat the ring in his hat but forgot he put it there when he put the hat back on his head.

He's hoping a customer or employee found it in the parking lot and will do the right thing by returning it to him.

Berry says he was devastated when he realized the ring was missing. He's been married to his wife, Miranda for nearly a decade and says his wedding band has special meaning.

"We've been married going on 10 years. That's the one we picked out together and I've had it so long that it's a little more sentimental, so I'd love to have it back," Berry told FOX 13.

Miranda Berry took to Facebook, asking for help finding her husband's ring. FOX 13 shared her post and since then, it's been reposted more than 17,000 times. But still, no one has come forward.

A Tampa jewelry store is offering a $300 reward for Berry's ring and even offered to replace it for him. But he still holds hope that someone will find the original.