Joe Biden's lead in Nevada has nearly doubled

As Nevada continues to count votes, Democrat Joe Biden's lead over President Donald Trump has nearly doubled the lead he already had going into Friday.

On Thursday, Biden was 11,438 votes ahead in the state. As of the Friday afternoon update from the Nevada Secretary of State, he now leads by 20,137 votes. 

The total votes from Clark County are: 451,858 for Biden and 376,636 for Trump. The county reports a 75,222-vote lead for Biden.

The current breakdown in Nevada brings a total of 627,104 votes for Biden, and 606,967 votes for Trump.

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Under state law, ballots postmarked by Election Day will still be counted if they arrive by Tuesday, Nov. 10. Clark County said Thursday it did not expect to complete counting the bulk of its mail votes until this weekend.

The Trump campaign announced Thursday a federal lawsuit in the state of Nevada, claiming they had evidence of voter irregularities. On Friday, the Democratic National Committee and Nevada Democratic Party filed a motion against the lawsuit saying the claims "are too late, rife with procedural deficiencies and meritless," reports KLAS. 

In addition, the news outlet reports the campaign dropped a separate lawsuit filed against Clark County lawsuit after reaching an agreement to add more poll observers. Observers have been allowed but the Trump campaign wanted additional access, according to KLAS.

Judges in Michigan and Georgia have since dismissed Trump campaign lawsuits.