Judge: Prosecutors will stay on Drejka case

A motion to remove prosecutors from the Michael Drejka case was denied Friday, paving the way for the trial to proceed as scheduled Aug. 19.

Three motions were up for consideration during Friday's full day of hearings. 

Judge Joseph Bulone denied the defense's motion to remove the prosecutor from the case, following a confrontation between Markeis McGlockton's father and the defendant outside the courtroom. The defense argued a prosecutor who witnessed the interaction should have done something about it, but didn't.

Also on the agenda was a motion to compel Pinellas County Sheriff Gualtieri to testify as a witness for the defense. Judge Bulone denied that motion, too, and said the jury should make a decision unaided by Gualtieri’s personal opinion of the video.

The sheriff had filed a counter-motion, saying he has no investigative knowledge of the case directly;

Motions remain undecided regarding whether a jury will hear about McGlockton’s criminal history and that he had marijuana in his pocket at the time of the incident. The judge said he will take those up next Friday.

A motion regarding surveillance video recorded inside the store, which shows McGlockton stumbling inside and collapsing on the floor before dying in front of his son, will also be decided next week.