Judge revokes bond for ‘career criminal’ accused in fatal hit-and-run

Joseph Cantrell is accused of hitting and killing a pedestrian in Dover while out on bond for an unrelated charge. 

Detectives say Cantrell hit and killed the pedestrian just before 8 a.m. on Jan. 14 on Gallagher Road near Lewis Raulerson Road and left the scene. Eyewitnesses told deputies Cantrell stopped for about 30 seconds before taking off. 

Investigators released home surveillance video of Cantrell’s Mustang speeding away from the scene and caught up with Cantrell after receiving a tip on the location of his vehicle. 

On Wednesday morning, he went in front of a Tampa judge and prosecutors asked for a high bond.

They alerted the judge that Cantrell was a career criminal, who was already on bond for another offense when the hit-and-run occurred. After hearing that, it was an easy call for Judge Catherine Catlin.

"Sir, I'm revoking your bond and then I will see you tomorrow on the new charge," ruled Catlin.

Cantrell was released from prison in November 2020, after serving 15 years for Grand Theft Auto and assaulting a law enforcement officer.

This latest charge is Cantrell’s 14th arrest. He is expected to plead not guilty at his arraignment.