Judge says mother can visit son who allegedly tried to kill her

In a moment of rage, prosecutors say, Anthony Kaptzan grabbed a knife and stabbed his father Alex to death. He tried to kill his mother too, but somehow, she survived the attack.

Now Ivette Kaptzan is asking the judge for a surprising request. She wants face-to-face jail visits with her son.

"It’s been several months since I’ve seen my son. I know we’re in a difficult situation but we’d adhere to every rule that you laid out for us last time that you granted our telephone conversations. We speak every night, we have not broken any rules, we have not addressed the case in any way. I need to be able to lay eyes on my son," Ivette said. 

She went on to explain that has forgiveness in her heart, but there is emptiness too. "Especially during this holiday time where it’s very difficult. He’s in a very depressed state and I think it would be helpful to him to be able to see me," Ivette continued.


Judge allows mother to have contact with son who allegedly tried to kill her

Anthony Kaptzan had not come face to face with his mother Ivette since prosecutors say he attacked her and his father with a knife.  Alex Kaptzan did not survive the attack in late May.

However, prosecutor Matthew Smith was against it. He said if the court grants the face-to-face visitations, he wants them recorded at the jail.

Hillsborough Judge Mark Kiser agreed. "I’ll grant that, Ms. Kaptzan, however with a standing order that all the video visitations between Mr. Kaptzan and Ms. Kaptzan does need to be recorded," ruled Judge Kiser.  

Kaptzan faces second-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder charges.