Jury recommends life in prison for double murderer Lester Ross

A jury in Polk County has recommended that the life of double murderer Lester Ross be spared. It took jurors only half an hour to come to that conclusion.

Earlier this week, Ross was convicted of killing his 3 year-old daughter MaSarah, then storing her body in a freezer for month. When the baby's mother, Ronkeya Holmes, came looking for her, Ross poisoned her.

On Friday, the defense put a number of Ross's relatives on the stand, including his children.

"How would it affect you if he wasn't there to go visit?," defense attorney Deborah Wells asked Amber Baker, Ross's daughter.

"It is already affecting me," Baker said as she broke into tears.

"Honey, there are Kleenex up there," comforted Wells.

"It's already affecting me, I can't see him," Baker said again as she tried to compose herself.

Ruby Burgman, the mother of Italia, one of Ross's other children told the court, "She cries all the time. I can't give her her father. All I can do is just comfort her, and try to be there for her and she takes it so hard. She is a daddy's girl."

The judge, who is supposed to give the jury recommendation "great weight," will make the final decision in February.