Kids tell life stories thanks to photography program

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A photography program is changing the lives of children in the Bay Area.

At the Prodigy Cultural Arts Program at the Wimauma Center in Hillsborough County, kids take part in a six-week initiative were they learn the art of picture taking.

"We are giving them the option to build their self-esteem because they can start and work on a project and finish a project," said Zora Carrier who works for the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts.

Student Araceli Guzman says she is learning much more than how to frame a photograph.

"The best thing about taking photographs is the f-stop and the lighting," she said.

The non-profit Florida Museum of Photographic Arts sponsors the event.

"I learn about stuff, about the camera. You learn how to use it and you get to take pictures," said student Reydy Perez.

The class objective is for the students to tell their personal story through the images that they take with a camera. 

"Through a series of images, three, five, up to seven images, were they can create a narrative about who they are, about their identity. Who is there family? Who are their friends? Who is their physical environment they live in?" Carrier explained.

The hope is that the kids will enjoy the experience as they learn about themselves.

"We are just trying to teach them how to be creative and how to have fun while they are doing this," said photographer Pierre Dutertre.