La Segunda Bakery to open second Tampa location

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After more than 100 years, Tampa's famous La Segunda Bakery is planning to add a second location outside of Ybor City.

Fourth-generation owner Copeland More says they plan to open a bakery and cafe on W. Kennedy Boulevard near Westshore early this summer.

"The recipe is simple, but the process is very difficult," says More, whose great-grandfather, Juan More opened the bakery in 1915.

For a century at the Ybor location, customers have only been able to smell the bread baking, but More says they'll be able to see the process at the new location.

"There will be a finishing table so people can see the pastries being made and the bread being baked in the oven, so a little bit of extra connection between us and the customers," says More.

The 37-year-old says he and other family members involved in the bakery have had guidance from Richard Gonzmart, owner of Columbia Restaurant.

La Segunda has baked bread for the Columbia for more than a century.