Lake Mirror: Lakeland's historic heart

In the heart of downtown Lakeland is a beautiful lake with a lot of history.  

“It was our downtown gathering space when it opened on July 4th of 1928,” explained Lakeland Parks employee Stacey Smith, who offers tours of the lakefront and garden. "It was our civic center."

Lake Mirror covers 18 acres and is known for the fountain in the center of the water that shoots up over 30 feet.  

The promenade that circles the lake has been a popular place to stroll for the past 90 years. In 1983, Lake Mirror Park was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  

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On the south side of the lake is Hollis Garden with over 10,000 flowers, shrubs and trees. Good Day Tampa Bay viewers recognize this lake due to beautiful sunrise shots used on the air each morning. 

"We hope everyone can come visit," Smith added.

FOX 13 drone pilot John Wright flew over the lake recently and captured these beautiful views of Lakeland and Lake Mirror.