Landlords file for evictions in anticipation of moratorium's end June 2

Hundreds across the Tampa Bay area face being put out onto the street beginning next week when the governor’s moratorium on evictions ends.

“It is very heartbreaking stories,” said Tom DiFiore, an attorney with Bay Area Legal Services. “A lot of these people are people that have never been behind on rent.”

DiFiore says if you’re facing a recent eviction notice, there are a few steps you should take first.

Contact your landlord and try to work out a payment plan or extension. 

"Because if you don’t, the next step, they could file eviction in county court,” he said.

DiFiore says that’s actually something he’s fighting against. He says landlords should not be moving forward with evictions because he believes that violates the governor’s order.

“The governor’s order says it tolls and suspends any cause of action for eviction. Our position is it should never be filed in the first place,” he said.

The governor’s moratorium on evictions related to non-payment ends June 2. In Hillsborough County alone, about 170 evictions are ready to be enforced. 

DiFiore is hopeful Governor DeSantis will extend the pause.

“If you have more time to work with the landlord then there will be a better chance of reaching a settlement,” he said.

When asked if he’ll extend the moratorium, the governor’s office says he’s reviewing it.