Language learning school closes abruptly

A language learning school has abruptly closed its doors after years of teaching international students how to speak English.

Inlingua Language School sent students and teachers an email Monday stating it did "everything in its power to stay open; however in the end they could no longer continue operating."

Students, especially those who are here on visas, are now left to find a new place to fill learning requirements.
"The first reaction, it was oh my gosh," said Andrea Scapini, who came from Brazil with her family to study English at Inlingua. "What are we going to do right now?"

Scapini said she has not been able to get in contact with school administrators in order to start the official transfer process, which is required by the F-1 visa.

According to Emel Ersan, an immigration attorney, students on F-1 visas have 15 days to make sure their paperwork is in order or else they need to leave the country.

Ersan said the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services does not make any exceptions for students who attend schools that close abruptly.

In an email to students and teachers, school administrators said they arranged for students to learn from another language center, but according to Ersan, Inlingua needs to cooperate in the transfer process.