Large gator blocks road in Myakka River State Park

(Courtesy: Michelle Riddle)

This gator decided to act as the gatekeeper to one local state park.

Michelle Riddle captured photos of the large alligator laying down in the middle of the road in Myakka River State Park on Friday morning.

The images showed the massive reptile relaxing in the middle of the street, keeping drivers and bicyclists from passing by.

(Courtesy: Michelle Riddle)

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Riddle said she arrived at the park around 8 a.m., only to find the gator not far from the main entrance.

(Courtesy: Michelle Riddle)

Bystanders could be seen just feet away from the gator.

"I don't know if he was napping, but he didn't leave until the rangers showed up in a tractor," Riddle said. "I think the noise of the tractor annoyed him enough to head back into the greenery."

(Courtesy: Michelle Riddle)

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The park is known for being home to plenty of alligators.

Dozens of gators gather at the "Deep Hole" sinkhole, which is engulfed by Lower Myakka Lake during the rainy season. But when water levels are low, it acts like a fish trap -- which means the area is teeming with gators during the dry season.

(Courtesy: Michelle Riddle)

"Hungry alligators will congregate here to feed, creating quite a magnificent wildlife spectacle," state environmental officials noted.

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According to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, the sinkhole is 295 feet wide and about 130 feet deep.

Access to the park's wilderness preserve is limited to 30 people per day. Those who wish to visit must register at the ranger station the day of their trip, with permits issued on a first-come, first-serve basis.

LINK: For more information, visit the Myakka River State Park website.