Large gator wakes up Plant City couple by banging on patio doors

(Courtesy: Pamela and Mark Pomfret)

This is the most Floridian wake-up call ever.

Pamela and Mark Pomfret were sound asleep in their Plant City home when they were jolted awake around 2:30 a.m. Tuesday by banging on their French doors in their bedroom, which lead out to their patio.

When they looked outside, they found the source of the noise was none other than a large alligator on their patio.

(Courtesy: Pamela and Mark Pomfret)

They called authorities, and it took several trappers to wrangle the gator and remove it from their property.

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One photo showed trappers loading the large gator in the back of a truck.

It's the latest in a string of gator sightings, which are on the rise in Florida due to alligator mating season, where more gators venture out in search of their mates.

(Courtesy: Pamela and Mark Pomfret)

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Courtship typically starts in April, with mating getting underway in May or June.

By late June or early July, female gators will lay between 32 to 46 eggs. Incubation periods for alligators take about 60 to 65 days, and baby gators will be born in late August or early September, according to FWC.

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