Largo officer, good Samaritans rescue elderly woman from sinking car

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A Largo Police Department officer and some good Samaritans were able to save an elderly driver from drowning in her sinking car Friday.

Before the officer arrived, several people, including Stephanie Fletcher, were already in the water, keeping the victim's head above water.

"We instantly just got in the pond, the car was actually starting to float more towards the middle of the pond, so they guys were able to get on the back bumper and I was on the front, pushing it towards shore," Fletcher said.

When he arrived, Officer DePierre went into the water, which was about five feet deep, and together they were all able to bring the driver to safety.

"I replaced the lady that was in the back side of the car, kind of held her up. We had to move her legs around because her legs were kind of stuck behind the steering wheel," Officer DePierre remembered. "And me and another Samaritan that was there kind of shimmied her from the front seat to the back and were able to remove her from the car."

Largo PD said the woman was taken to the hospital, but only suffered minor injuries.

In a Facebook post about the incident, the Largo Police Department said "substantial aid" from good Samaritans also played a part in the rescue and asked anyone who was there to email

LPD referred to Officer DePierre's actions as "everyday heroics."

"Quick handling of this situation by Ofc. DePierre and assisting citizens resulted in a life saved!" the post said.