Lawmakers hope to crack down on distracted driving

Florida lawmakers are trying to crack down on texting and driving throughout the state.

Two companion bills with similar language are moving through the Florida Legislature. If they pass, law enforcement agents would have the authority to pull a driver over if they are texting or reading something on their cellphones while the car is moving.

"It is so important because every single day that we delay this bill from going into law, people are dying on our roads," said Rep. Jackie Toledo, R-Tampa, who sponsored House Bill 107. 

The bill would make texting and driving a primary offense, meaning law enforcement could now pull you over for the simple act of texting and driving. 

Like Senate Bill 76, first responders would be exempt due to the nature of their jobs.

If the bills pass the House and the Senate, the law would not go into effect until next year.

Many drivers who spoke with FOX 13 say they support the measure.

"I think that it's good, I don't think that people should be texting and driving," said Nikki Sorkoram.

Others say they agree drivers should face consequences for texting and driving, but they have concerns about enforcement.

"I think giving police more discretion to pull people over can have some adverse effects," said Aristeo Canales.

House Bill 107 will be presented before the state affairs committee Thursday.