LinkedIn helping business women grow meaningful online networks

These days, you apply for jobs online, create profiles on websites, and often connect with potential employers over email. So how do you surround yourself with the right community - when so few interactions are face to face?

We've all heard "it's who you know," but knowing someone could mean you're connected to them on social media.

We asked successful entrepreneurs at a book launch party in Tampa how they all met. It was online on, which they all said they use to grow their ventures.

“I thought, 'Well, I have a huge following on LinkedIn. I could leverage that and, what if I could get women from any continent and interview them for their journeys? Are we more similar than different?' and that was the inspiration for the book,” said author Kris Macc. 

Her book "No Approval Needed: Women of the world talk about life in their forties" became a No. 1 release on Amazon in 15 categories with the help of her LinkedIn community.

“I used to use it like most people used it, which is a resume holder, for a very long time and then I started to realize the power of connecting with these people,” she explained.

Lila Smith is the creator of Say Things Better - a method of intentional communication - based on her theater career. She connects through comments.

“I’ve been using LinkedIn to build relationships with people mostly in the comments. I'm connecting with people all over the world. I'm finding the people who feel right to me, the ones who like me and will like and find value in what I have to offer, and that's how built over 32,000 followers.”

The key is content, she says.

“I published a training video #ihavesomethingtosay on how to find, embrace, and use your voice as a woman,” she said.

Cameron Barfield launched the startup Source Explorer, helping life science professionals find qualified vendors. She uses LinkedIn to make an impression.

“You need to go and engage most people on LinkedIn. They go, scroll, they may "like" a few things - but those content writers won't know who you are, so step out and start creating your own content. It starts resonating with us. In order to find our place, find our team, and it is a beautiful thing,” she said.