'Lion King' performers encourage students to stay active and healthy

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Cast members of Disney's "The Lion King" encouraged students at Tuttle Elementary School to "Get up and Go."

The performers are hoping kids will lead healthier lifestyles after being inspired by the show’s dancing. In their "Get up and Go" workshop, students are taught dance sequences inspired by the show's production number "He Lives in You." 

The performer's shared their talents with the students in hopes of showing them the importance of physical fitness and good nutrition. 

Not only does the workshop inspire students, but it also inspires the performers to eat healthy and stay in shape.

Shacura Wade shared her experience.

"They kind of remind me to stay on top of my healthy eating and my exercising and do the things I need to do to maintain myself for the show. It's just really inspiring to instill this information to the next generation," she said. 

"Staying active and staying in shape and staying happy, it brings about a happier life, because you're more inclined to do more," said Courtney Thomas, another performer in the show.

Throughout the experience, the students learn how hard the performers must work to achieve their goals.

Tuttle Elementary student Nayeli Santiago appreciated the lessons learned in the workshop.

"It doesn't matter if you mess up, you can always put your work back into it," Nayeli said. "You can get it perfect and just follow your dreams and maybe one day you can do what they have done."

If you're interested in seeing the performers in action, "The Lion King" is playing at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall through March 31.