Local dentist visits Boys & Girls Clubs to teach kids about good dental hygiene

A local dentist wants children to learn the importance of brushing their teeth, so he's taking his show on the road. 

Dr. Michael Diez and his mother, who is a hygienist, visited Morgan Wood Elementary School's Boys & Girls Club to teach children the importance of good dental hygiene. 

Diez always knew he wanted to join the family business with his mother and father, who is a dentist. He fulfilled his dream and works with his father at General & Cosmetic Dentistry of Tampa

"I always knew I had just the hand skills and the desire to solve problems and fix things, and it fell in and tied together very well with the profession," Diez said. 

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It's a profession that has given him so much, and now, he's giving back to his community. 

"If we can teach [kids] from an early age to brush and floss and just do simple things that take three minutes a night, three minutes in the morning, that really can have a huge impact on the rest of their life," Diez said. 

Diez said he picked the Boys & Girls Clubs because of his grandfather. 

"If it wasn't for the Boys and Girls Club, he doesn't know where he'd be today," Diez said. "It kind of kept him grounded as a child and really gave him a backbone to work from and just gave him the proper work ethic and kept him from getting in trouble." 

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To make sure the kids teeth don't get in trouble, Diez had a hands-on approach. Diez gave every student a hygiene kit, filled with a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and a few other goodies. He will be going to visit other Boys and Girls Clubs in the future.