Locals reach out in support of law enforcement

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Amid recent controversy and violence surrounding law enforcement, some local agencies are learning that a little bit of kindness and gratitude can make a big difference.

Residents in various communities have reached out to show their support of their local law enforcement in several ways.

The Lakeland Police Department, for example, recently tweeted about a homemade thank you card sent to them from the Hover family.

“With everything going on in our crazy world we want you to know we appreciate what you do, and we see you," the card said.

Lakeland police also got a free lunch this week, courtesy of Olive Garden. It was delivered as part of their annual Labor Day tradition nationwide, which feeds first responders who work on the holiday.

In Manatee County, the sheriff’s office received a cake topped with an encouraging message.

“MCSO your lives matter," it said.

In a Facebook post about the cake, the sheriff’s office said they wanted to thank the sender, who remained anonymous.

And over in Citrus County, some locals took to the sidewalk to express some gratitude.

“Thank you to all law enforcement,” a message read in colorful chalk.

The sheriff’s office tweeted a photo of the thank you Tuesday, and encouraged others to retweet it in support of law enforcement officers.