Lost pet? There's an app for that

New technology that uses facial recognition software is changing the way people report and search for lost pets. The Pasco County Animal Shelter is now using the 'Finding Rover' app to connect stray animals with their missing owners.

"We have so many strays that come into the shelter, and it would be amazing to get as many of them back to their homes as possible,” said Rachel Stever with the Pasco Animal Shelter. 

People who find a lost animal or who are missing one, can create a profile for it on the app. The animal's 'profile picture' is cross-checked with thousands of pictures uploaded from other shelters and people across the country.

"We all know that pets are really good at traveling long distances,” said Stever.

Whether it's weeks, months, or even years, the Pasco Animal Shelter hopes the new technology will help best friends reunite.

The 'Finding Rover' app can be downloaded for free through mobile device app stores.

LINK: More info at www.findingrover.com