Made in Tampa Bay: Annemarie Masson Art

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A Clearwater artist incorporates materials she finds at the beach - shells, crab skeletons, rocks, and sand - into painted canvas pieces.

Her art brings Tampa Bay into  

In her St. Pete art district warehouse, Annemarie Masson is one of only a few artists who don’t mind when you touch her art.

For 20 years, she was a designer and gave her clients art as an “end of project” gift.

Five years ago, she began doing art full time.

"Seems like every time I look outside the window, the colors are incredible. The animals, the birds are incredible, and the variety of all that and the sunshine is totally what inspires me," Annemarie said.

The textures of her art are the defining feature. Her most successful works are part of her Crab Series.

"This was a tide that brought in some lovely horseshoe crabs. Sometimes, I pour gold on them and incorporate them with the mud," she said as she showed FOX 13 some of her work. "The motivation of the three-dimensional is that I've always wanted to be a sculptor, and this is a way for me to mesh what I love to do, which is painting, but adding relief with the materials that I work. I work very much with texture now."

Some of the bigger crabs in her work have been sculpted and painted onto the canvas. She then incorporates natural items she finds on the beach.

"If I want, I can even take some of the sand here. If I'm not going to color my paste, I will add the natural sand and then comes all of these materials that are added or sprinkled, and if I lay these materials here, these shells in here, they will dry on canvas in about five days, and it will be as solid as concrete," she said.

Annemarie is preparing for a show on Feb. 22 at Nova 535. For more information, visit