Made in Tampa Bay - Bruiser Conversions takes Tampa off-road

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Anyone who owns a Jeep in the Bay Area has probably heard about Bruiser Conversions. Anyone who wants a Jeep probably should.

Jeff Garland and his team specialize in all things Jeep, on models going back to 1941.

Bruiser Conversions started as Garland's hobby and used parts business, but it's grown into an enterprise known in Jeep enthusiast circles the world over.

Their specialty is off-road vehicles. Their claim to fame is their engine integration.

"That's what everyone in the country and the world knows about," Garland said. "We are a company that can actually install an engine into a vehicle that it doesn't belong in and completely integrate it with that particular vehicle."

His customers and their desires vary. Some want a vehicle for off-roading while some want a road vehicle.

No matter the request, every single vehicle is built to order at Bruiser Conversions.

"So, my customer comes to me with a specific desire. He wants to build his dream vehicle. A standard Bruiser build would be an LS conversion with suspensions, axles, bumpers, paint, interior. The average job, start to finish on that level, is about three months," Garland explained. "We do approximately 12-15 vehicles a year."

Garland says he and his team are reenergized with each new project. When you're building from scratch, the possibilities are endless.

"It never gets old seeing the finished product," said Garland.

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