Man accused in kidnapping, attempted murder-suicide, fires attorney

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The trial for a man accused of kidnapping and an attempted murder-suicide plot is just weeks away, but defendant decided Thursday to fire is legal representation.

After defendant Trevor Summers fired his attorney, Hillsborough County Judge Mark Kiser wanted to know why.

"I just don't believe that Mr. Hayes has the time to allocate for the needs of my case," said Summers.

Summers is accused of kidnapping his estranged wife, Alicia and plotting a murder-suicide. He was set to go to trial in two weeks.

But suddenly Summers didn't like the work his attorney was doing so he wrote a letter to Judge Kiser and Attorney Julian Hayes explaining his decision.

Hayes did not seem to mind.

“I just look to withdraw based on irreconcilable differences," said Hayes.  

Summers attorney was preparing to bring potential new evidence to his client's defense, including information about Alicia Summers' alleged mental health and addiction issues.

Alicia told FOX 13 it was a sign of desperation by the defense.

"I guess that [there have] been a lot of, kind of, stall tactics on his side and the state has been ready. They've said repeatedly that they're ready," said Alicia.

Now, Trevor Summers has hit the reset button on his case and Alicia will have to wait a bit longer to tell her story to a jury.