Man allegedly threatens road rage victims with sword

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A Brooksville man was arrested after a road rage incident where he threatened others with a samurai sword, according to police.

On Tuesday afternoon, Brooksville officers responded to the area of Broad Street and Croom Road after receiving a road rage call.

The victims, Adrian and Julian Rivera, told police they were driving behind Daniel Seymour, the suspect. Both vehicles were heading south on Broad Street passing Howell Avenue when Seymour began “break checking” the Riveras. He also used “obscene hand gestures while slowing down and speeding up,” according to a media release.

Then, the incident escalated. According to police, the victims told them once the road widened, they took the opportunity to drive past Seymour’s car. Seymour allegedly sped up and struck the right rear of their vehicle. As the Riveras attempted to pull over, the suspect again ran his vehicle into the back of theirs. Both vehicles pulled over, and both parties exited their vehicles.

Seymour allegedly approached them in an “aggressive” manner, officers said, and the victims told him to “back off.” Seymour then went back to his vehicle and pulled a 25” samurai sword and threatened to kill the Riveras.

He was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and reckless driving.