Man suspected of ordering goods with stolen card, stealing package from victims' porch

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From a waiting car, the man in the black shirt appears to know exactly what he's after. It's a box, just delivered to a home in Brandon, Florida.

The couple who lives there believes the merchandise inside the box was purchased using their stolen credit card information, and minutes after it was delivered, the man in the black shirt stole it from their porch.  

The man is shown clearly in video captured by a security camera at Rick and Sheila Debow's home on Michigan Court. 

"Some people would say this is a non-violent crime. So why do we feel like we've been violated? Why do we feel unsafe at home?" asked Rick.

The Debows say their credit card company notified them of a data breach by an undisclosed company.

Then, FedEx emailed them about a package being delivered from Nieman Marcus.

"We don't even shop at Nieman Marcus," said Rick.  

But when they checked their card, there was an $833.33 charge from Nieman Marcus.

Their credit card started a fraud investigation, but then, the next morning while Rick and Sheila were away from home, the box from Nieman's was delivered. 

A short time later, their security cameras caught the man in the black shirt, who they believe knew exactly what he was after, get out of the passenger side of a red car and grab the box. 

"What if we had been home? What if I had confronted him? What could have happened?" Rick wondered.

Toward the end of the surveillance video, you can see the getaway car move down the street. The Debow's believe the driver may have feared detection, but then the thief ran after the car and they got away.

The couple believes they may not be the only victims.

"I'm sure someone out there may be the victim of this same situation and may not even know it," said Rick. 

They both feel uneasy and victimized.

"It's not the monetary value, it's what it does inside that hurts the most," Sheila said, pointing to her heart.

They hope someone recognizes the suspect in a scam they believe started with stolen data and ended with planned, porch piracy. They're asking anyone with information to call the Hillsborough County Sherrif's Office.